Sunday, April 30, 2017

White's Mill Abingdon Va


Located on White's Mill Road outside of Abingdon, Virginia, we found White's Mill beside a curve in the road.
It is a three story structure which was rehabbed in 2013 has existed on this site since the late 1700's. Active waterwheel powered milling continued until 1989.  It was registered with the National Registry of Historical Places in 1974.

The mill is open to the public and on the day we visited we had free run to explore all three stories of this iconic building. 

Starting on the first floor I had to wonder what it would have been like to sit by a fire in this hearth.

The second floor appears to be the main floor where all the milling took place and is full of remnants of a bygone era.

I don't know what any of these contraptions do but they are very interesting nonetheless.

On the third floor, a variety of interesting items were stored.  It appears that the milling machinery on the first floor is somehow connected to these machines on the third floor.

In the corner of the third floor were a pair of wagon wheels and the remnants of an old buckboard....hope someone reassembles this one day.

The attic was accessible as well....the old floors creaked and moaned with every step but I had to explore nonetheless.
I am not sure what this wheel does.  But it appeared to be connected to the milling operations in the floors below

But the real views were provided by the old mill as I walked around the outside of the building.  Thinking of how this old structure has stood here for 200 years, I wish it could talk... an oh the stories it would tell.

I photographed the old mill from every angle possible focusing on the old water wheel.

The blue sky provided a nice backdrop to the white painted mill.  For old pictures, the mill was not painted until the restoration.  Weathered wood provides character but the white siding is perfect for this old structure.
The mill is used for community events.  We were a couple hours early for BBQ and music...if you are in the area, you may want to check their entertainment calendar.
Leave you with a couple of black and white filter versions of the mill to add a different perspective to the visit.

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