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Located in Saltville, Va., the Palmer Mill is a restored waterwheel grist mill.  The mill on this site dates to 1800.  It was renovated in 2006 and now serves as a community theatre.
The mill is located near the historic downtown of Saltville, Va.  It is the site of natural occurring salt marshes which date to prehistoric times.  The town proclaims itself to be the "Salt Capitol of the Confederacy".   Two battles were fought here to secure the valuable salt mines located in the community.  The first was a Confederate victory, the second resulted in the destruction of the salt mines by Union General Stoneman.

The mill is located some distance from a small stream that serves as its water source.  But upstream is a small mill pond that  collects water from various springs which connects to a channel leading to the mill's race.

On the day we visited the little mill pond was overflowing.

The old mill race had collapsed from disrepair still funneled water to the wheel.  It is not likely the waterwheel works but all the parts are there.

It was hard to leave the Palmer Mill as there were so many different and interesting angles from which to photograph the old mill and the mill pond. The swift flowing stream and the springs exploding from the hillside were very picturesque.

The old mill site is a wonderful addition to this small community of 2200.  This is a great small park where I am sure hosts many community events.
On the way out of Saltville, we spotted a display of railroad trains and stopped to take a photo.
There were two locomotives and a caboose.  All immaculately preserved in the center of a downtown park.

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