Monday, April 18, 2016

Capitol Hill Washington DC


The scaffolding on the Capitol Dome was recently removed coinciding with a business trip I made to the Federal City.  So by dawn's early light I took a hike to learn how the Capitol wakes up on a Monday morning in April.

The Capitol sits on the western ridge of the hill and the sun rising in the east must first rise above the buildings to the east of the I went chasing the rising sun and found on the eastern side of the Capitol, the majestic Library of Congress Building.

Guarding the Library of Congress is the god of the sea, Neptune.  Not sure the significance of this statute but it is magnificent nonetheless.

Next door to the Library of Congress is the iconic Supreme Court Building which was adorned with spring flowers. Like the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court building also blocked out the sun too.

Next door to the Supreme Court I was surprised to find the United Methodist Church Building with a wonderful Easter message on the marquee.   Wonder how the Methodists got such nice digs next the Supremes and across the street from the Capitol.

Down the street I finally saw the sun bursting forth above the tops of the buildings on the eastern slope of Capitol Hill.
Walking behind the Supreme Court  I finally had the sun to my back and begin my return to the Capitol with Old Sol following close behind illuminating in the shadows the Library of Congress Building.

On the north side of the Capitol is the Senate Reflecting Pool and it was there that I finally got to experience the sunrise on Capitol Hill. In the middle of the pool is a fountain surrounded by wonderfully colored tulips.

The reflecting pool is surrounded by Japanese Cherry trees whose blossoms were in full bloom. 

This park was just a block from my hotel so I spent a lot of time there trying to get the perfect sun kissed shot of the dawn's early light.

I even got a shot of a bird taking a morning bath in the fountain. 
Leaving the Senate Reflecting Pool Park I ventured to a monument that I had never seen before.  Turns out the monument is dedicated to Adlai Stevenson whom I remembered as a failed candidate for President but it seems I had forgotten his service in Congress.  The commission for the monument was chaired by Dwight Eisenhower.
Traveling down the mall, I took a couple more pictures which illustrate the majesty of the Federal City.
Across the mall from the Smithsonian Castle is the American History Museum which has a modern statue framed the Washington Monument obelisk for modernity.

No matter what view of the dawn I sought, I know that Old Freedom sitting a top the U.S Capitol with her newly shined alabaster dome has the best view of the Capitol sunrise

Rating this hike is easy....access is a 10 when you stay at the Liaison Hotel just blocks from the Capitol...the trail is also a 10...any stroll around the Capitol is well marked and very secure...cameras everywhere made me feel like the guards were already
reporting that the Fat Bald White Guy was on the grounds...the scenery was fantastic only it was hard to see the sunrise from all the buildings - 9;  overall effort to view ratio is good....about a 3.5 mile early morning walk...overall a 9+ hike that anyone can take. 


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